Customer Testimonial from Fred H. in Salem, OR

We had very bad well water - hard and high ferrous fungi problems -stained toilet bowls, glasses and clothes. Donovan Sipple offered us a very complete and thorough water treatment plan. Although publicized, I found that not only is he licensed, but has a lot of additional degrees in water treatment. Donovan suggested a complete package and demonstrated it; showing the results. His solution was at a more reasonable cost than other opinion we had explored.

His technicians - Kyle and Ed arrived on time and worked professionally and were considerate of my needs and concerns. They carefully answers my questions and thoughly explained the equipment’s operation. They also explained one of their specialists would follow up at the time of the first filter change!

Due to the previous water sediment problem, later that day, our hot water tank’s pressure valve failed. Although not their problem, the were concerned and offered to return to help! I easily replaced the valve myself and solved the problem! Later that day Donovan called to make sure the problem was resolved!

I am extremely pleased with their workmanship, and concern for solving my water problems! I will highly recommend Sipple Water Care to anyone needing a solutions to water problems!

- Fred H. of Salem, OR
Thursday, January 17th
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