How To Program WaterCare Softeners

Programming your water treatment system after a new installation or a power failure may seem a tad intimidating, but that’s why we’re here to help you out! 


When the system has been reset or newly installed, you may notice the display screen, set to the ‘Time Of Day’ screen flashing. To reset the time, just press the clock button one time. At this point, the hours displayed will be flashing. Using the plus and minus keys, you can scroll through the hours until you reach the current time. Pressing the clock app one more time will cause the minutes to begin flashing, and the process repeats. 


To move on to the date, press the clock button again and the day will begin flashing, allowing you to scroll through the days of the week until you reach the current date. When you’re finished, just click the clock button again and the display screen will return to the ‘Time Of Day’ screen.


To access the installer set-up screens, simply press and hold down on the ‘next’ and + buttons. The first screen that will be displayed is the water hardness level. Based upon testing, this value will be adjusted using the plus and minus keys. Once set, hit the ‘next’ button to reach the ‘Days Until Regen’ when the system will automatically regenerate. The amount of time between each regeneration can be adjusted using the plus and minus keys as well. After the ‘days until regen’ screen, you’ll come to the ‘hour of regen’. You’ll be able to pick what time of day your system will regenerate--down to the minute. Hitting the next button will allow you to cycle through the minutes like you did with the hour. Once this has been set, hit the next button to advance to the next screen. 


The next screen that you’ll come to is the ‘Service Alarm Screen’ which would have been set by your installer to alert you of when your system will need service, or filters are in need of replacement. Hitting next, you’ll find yourself at the ‘Light Normally On’ screen, which allows you to control the backlighting of your system’s display panel. You can toggle from on to off by pressing the plus and minus keys. 


Hitting the next button will bring you full circle, back to the ‘Time Of Day’ screen! 


If you’re having trouble with programming your water treatment system, or are looking for more information, reach out for your free, no-obligation estimate, today!

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