Hard Water Effects on Skin & Hair

The natural minerals in the water we drink aren’t often at the forefront of our minds--but did you know that they can actually affect your appearance? 


Are you struggling with dry, itchy skin? Frizzy, breakage-prone, unmanageable hair? Is your skin looking more aged than it should--perhaps some new wrinkles have popped up? If these issues sound familiar, the hard water and dissolved minerals may just be the culprit. 


You see, when the minerals found in groundwater mix with soap, like in your shower, the chemical reaction creates something known as soap scum. Soap scum is difficult to remove from surfaces, and it’s no different for the body. The substance tends to cling, and your normal body wash and shampoo won’t quite cut it here. That “squeaky clean” feeling after a shower is actually due to soap scum! Soap scum from the mix of natural minerals and soap clogs your pores, dries out your skin and hair, and often causes pimples and skin irritations such as excessive dryness. 


Soft water, or water that has been properly conditioned and de-mineralized, allows the soap to later nicely and rinse away without any leftover residue. Without irritating soap scum, you’ll feel cleaner, more refreshed, and healthier-looking! 


Think that hard water could be messing up your look? Reach out for more information, today!

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