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A life away from the hustle and bustle has its benefits and joys--but there can also be some drawbacks. Living out in the country drives up your chances that you’ll be on well water rather than city water.


In the U.S, there are roughly 13 million homes with private wells. Seeing as the water that comes into your home with a well isn’t being passed through a city water purifying plant, but straight out of the earth, there could be some differences in the water. Some common issues that well water can cause are staining and discoloration, scale buildup, and corroded pipes--you might even notice a slight smell or taste from minerals within the water. You could install separate systems to address each problem, or you could invest in the power of Crystal-Right!


Crystal-Right has the ability to:

  • Remove Iron & Manganese
  • Reduce Hardness
  • Help neutralize acidic water (which causes corrosion)

Crystal-Right is capable of solving all these issues, in one system! How? Well, Crystal-Right is specially designed to handle these elements and issues within your well water. The crystals are engineered to address multiple issues, while also being durable enough to handle a thorough cleaning.


Crystal-Right is ideal for usage with our patented chlorine generator--a device that automatically cleans your system, without you having to do any of the work!


If you’re fed up with hard water, staining, and difficult to remove buildup, reach out for more information, today!

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